consensys ✦


The Imagination Builder ✦ (2023)

I was commissioned by ConsenSys to create an artwork for their NFTee activation in Paris during July 2023. This event took place during the ETHCC week, a gathering of the biggest actors in web3 worldwide.

« The Imagination Builder » serves as a gentle reminder that within the tapestry of cyberspace, the creative forces within us all hold immeasurable power. It encourages us to embrace the harmony between our imagination and the keystrokes that propel us forward, forging pathways to uncharted territories of beauty, unity, and innovation.

The colorized digital artwork got tokenized in multiple edition during the NFTee event in Paris. Holders could claim a screen-printed T-shirt with its 1 color version.


  • Procreate
  • iPad Pro 12.9"
  • Photoshop 2023


  • ConsenSys