More about Orabel

Mariama Laborde aka Orabel is a French graphic designer and illustrator based in Marseille.

After obtaining her master degree in Graphic Design in 2017, she got hired full-time in a fashion firm, Le Temps des Cerises. She is in charge of the printed t-shirts artworks and of many editorial communication supports for the brand.

Feeling the urge to reconnect with her drawing practice and inner art world, she has started seriously digital painting since 2018 with her illustration series called “Filles”. This series is her very first NFT collection minted on Rarible.

Her art style is pretty much about using bold, vivid “emotional” colors and textures, while trying to speak to her viewers with melancholia, nostalgia and desire. She aims to glorify the female figure within her pieces and to tell poetic stories through surrealistic environments.

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