Terms of service

If you are considering hiring me for a private commission, please read the following section before sending me your demand.


β€” Art commissions are dedicated to private people for personal use only. If you are a business and want me to work for you as a freelancer illustrator, please directly contact me at: hello@orabelart.com

β€” I do not draw NSFW or furry.

β€” I have the right to reject any order for any reason.


β€” Payment is via Paypal.

β€” I accept being paid in EUR and in ETH.

β€” If you want to pay me in ETH, you’ll need to buy the commissioned artwork as an NFT token on Rarible marketplace.

β€” Payment is upfront, once the estimate is signed. You can pay 100% upfront or choose to split 50% upfront and the remaining 50% when the commission is done and approved.

β€” Don’t send me any payment before I make you the request.

β€” I will begin to work only when the estimate is signed and the first payment, received.

β€” An invoice is sent once the illustration is finalized. If you still need to pay off the remaining 50%, I will send your files once I receive the payment.

Work process

β€” Every project starts with a brief that we discuss together. I highly encourage you to show me picture references and at least to have a global idea of what you want. If I have this kind of elements, it will be easier for me to understand your vision and to fulfill your desires.

β€” After the brief, I can propose you a price estimate that you shall accept, or not. Every estimate can be discussed together, alongside the brief.

β€” I only start drawing when the payment is received.

β€” Here is my β€œstandard” working process:

  1. Rough sketch
  2. Lineart
  3. Color rough
  4. Final rendering

β€” Once the artwork is finished and approved, I send you a HQ file to print and a web-friendly .JPG file to post on your socials.

Revision policy

β€” At each step of the process, I will show you the progress and allow you 3 revisions rounds maximum. Extra revisions of each step will be charged.

β€” Once the drawing is rendered, I accept 3 last minor revisions. Extra revisions will be charged.


β€” If I haven’t started the commission yet, you can get a full refund.

β€” If I allow you a refund, please do not request a Paypal chargeback, I will transfer your money back myself.

Copyright and usage

You, the Client

β€” You may share your commissioned artwork on your socials or on any other website.

β€” You cannot use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes.

β€” You cannot make profit from the commissioned artwork (by reselling prints of it, uploading it on POD services…)

β€” You cannot alter the commission artwork without my consent.

β€” You cannot claim the artwork as your own.


Me, Mariama Laborde

β€” I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork on my socials and my portfolio.

β€” I retain all the copyrights over the artwork.

β€” I won’t make any profit with your custom artwork.